International Relations

International Relations Programs

Academic Scholarship

Under this program, a student is sponsored to take their studies abroad to the institution of their choices

The academic scholarship program is conducted to the students mostly for Ordinary and Advanced level students. This is based on the student’s behavior and academic performance through continuous assessment and national examinations.

Students are generally advised about the scholarship programs once they join our school. Behavior and performance records are recorded carefully to be used when It comes to scholarships, especially for High School students. In the advisory session, students will get to know various schools, colleges and universities.

In this process, parents are also involved at a certain point.


 Sports Scholarship

In this program, students are sponsored to participate in different sports of their choice, and students with talents in different sports are likely to be offered the chance to develop their talents abroad.

This program deals with students with talents together with academic performance. In this category, a student must do well in both sports and education simply because at this age most of them are school-age young people.

We, as well extend our services to non-fountain Gate Academy students. This is only for those who will meet FGA standards and global partners’ standards. This is for all levels of education.


Exchange Programs

This program is for Fountain Gate students and Workers.  It offers room for our workers and students to visit various institutions around the world, our sister schools, colleges, universities, and many of our global partners.

this program is meant to give experience to students, teachers, and non-teaching staff.



Under this program, we invite people from abroad who are coming to share their knowledge and experience in a specific field. Volunteers are supposed to be people with knowledge and skills about the field of our interest.

Areas of our interest.

  1. Sports and games
  2. Academic
  • Language
  • ICT
  • Fine art
  • Music
  1. Sports
  • Coaches
  • Netball
  • Soccer
  • Basketball

We only work with volunteers who will value our values, school and country traditions.


Hybrid program

In this program, students and Workers take extra studies, or extra courses as part of the normal studies they are taking regularly. Those courses act as additional studies to add something to their life.

This program is provided to both students and our workers so they can acquire new knowledge.


Online Courses

Those are studies and knowledge which is provided online with the aid of internet access.

In our institution the course helps those who are not able to attend class sessions for some reason, they are in chance to take online courses, especially our sports students when they are away.

There is a moment our students who are players of Fountain Gate Princess and Fountain Gate FC travel with the team. From there we use online means to make sure they are not missing any class sessions.

Students who are taking this program are directly assisted by Fountain Gates in terms of equipment, internet access, and other related items to use in online studies.