About Us

Fountain Gate Foundation is a non-governmental organization that has come up to give the helping hand to children’s and youth living in vulnerable, voiceless and underprivileged groups.

Legal Status: 

Registration Number: ooNGO/R/2204

Date of establishment: 16/6/2019

Date of registration: 25/08/2021

Type: Non-Government organization (NGO)

OUR MOTTO:  Save the Growing Tree

VISION: To build up a conducive environment where children and youth get proper education and better health for the well-being of the nation.

MISSION: To create elite community that will contribute towards the prosperity of the nation.

F – Faith

We believe ways come from faith; in faith love stands and peace take place.

G – Growth

In Every Single Day we keep on moving, positivity comes from growth.

F –Fairness

We commit our self on creating and treating young people fair towards well being of all people.


  1. Promote quality education.
  2. To promote quality health care services.
  3. To promote children and youth talents.
  4. Raise awareness on children rights.
  5. Community social-economic empowerment.