Meet Our Volunteers

Natasha Mwaibula

“ it is my best experience working as volunteer at Fountain Gate Foundation where by we are working together in enhancing the well-being of children and Youth” Natasha Mwaibula

“ I am very happy volunteering at Fountain Gate Foundation, it has been the best experience in my life working together with the society supporting children and youth in fulfilling their dreams” Fatuma Khalid

“ I really appreciate what is done at Fountain Gate Foundation and I being one of the members who are volunteering, I have witnessed the good work done by Fountain Gate Foundation in the society” Denis Rwekaza

“ It has been my great experience in my life by being a volunteer at Fountain Gate Foundation since I have been the first beneficiary of Fountain Gate Foundation Education Sponsorship to graduate University studies in Bachelor degree in Education. Am so happy now been part of the Foundation”. Winfrida Simon